a cupcake and a stranger

Unlike the rest of my days in New York, I actually had a plan on Sunday. And here was the plan: get some sort of baked good and go to Central Park. Simple enough, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. So I followed the plan!

I had originally planned to go to Levain bakery but for whatever reason, I kept missing my stop. I was on an older train that didn't announce the stops and apparently I have trouble paying attention to where I am. Having spent way too much time on transit, I ended up getting annoyed at myself and got off. I figured I might as well just walk up to Levain and see things along the way. It's not like there's much to see on the subway anyway. I ended up walking up the street and found Alice's Tea Cup and decided to go there instead. Unfortunately, they were out of their signature blend but I'll be back for some.

One of the things that struck me first when I arrived in New York was that everything was in bloom because nothing was in bloom in Toronto or Montreal. Central park is one of the nicest parks I've ever been to but maybe that's not saying too much because I think most parks are nice. Everything was beautiful and flowers were in bloom. While crowds are to be expected, I was still slightly irked by the amount of people. I think I'll be in Central Park early one morning with tea and some sort of baked good.

When I first got here, I was talking to Ariana about NYC since she'd been before and she told me New York guys are super flirty. I think every girl who visits New York probably has a funny flirty stranger story, so here's mine. I'm minding my own business in Central Park and this guy comes up to me and opens conversation with "You're the most adorable thing I've seen in the last 100 years." I counter with "You haven't even lived 100 years, so how would you know?" He tells me he's a raw foodist and I say I'm just visiting and he says he wants to take me out before I leave. Too bad I already have plans. He goes to shake my hand but I'm tangled in my camera and he throws me this one, "Why don't you untangle yourself and get tangled up in me." I gave him a look and he took it back, admitting it was lame. The lame lines... do they even work?

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Pix said...

It doesn't seem like you'll be running out of cool story material anytime soon :D

(Hehe, and cut that poor guy some slack - imagine how long he stands there, hoping to catch something with those endlessly lame lines he comes up with while he's standing... It's a vicious circle :))))