fun, friends, and rats on the subway tracks

Today I saw rats darting around the subway tracks for the first time. To be honest, I thought they would be bigger and really gross. Like evil rats from the Nutcracker level of disgusting and repugnant. Someone once told me that the rats in New York were the size of cats, so I was kind of expecting that.

I got to meet a fabulous photographer and friend in the flesh today, the talented Miss Hortencia Caires. My equally talented and fabulous friend Brittany Alyse is also in New York right now! She arrived yesterday and this is the fourth city we've seen been in together, which is pretty darn cool. We went to the Met today, went to SoHo, had a giant cupcake, yummy dinner and hung out at Hortencia's apartment. It was a pretty low key kind of day and now I'm in my temporary home eating cake and fruit. Life is pretty wonderful right now.

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