everything is beautiful

On Thursday I had the privilege of going to Savage Beauty. I say privilege because whilst it is an open exhibit, I certainly felt very privileged to be so close to the work of a master. Photographs weren't allowed and while there was definitely a lot of sneak photography going on, I didn't participate. I went through the entire exhibit twice. The first time was to take it all in and be completely blown away by the entire experience, the second was to stand and contemplate. I have to say, it was a little frustrating to hear some of the comments made by other people - "That's cool", "I wouldn't wear that", "Ew women wouldn't like the hips on that." Some people are just lacking in the brain department. That being said, I hope that many left the exhibit with a deeper understanding of fashion - that it's more than just clothes.

If I could only do one activity for the rest of my time in New York, it would be spending time at Savage Beauty. It was like being in the presence of a deity. McQueen and his work pretty much encapsulate all the reasons I love fashion. I can only hope that one day, my own work can reach his level of creativity and beauty. I left the exhibit completely inspired and headed to Alice's Tea Cup to write pages and pages in my journal. I plan to be back at Savage Beauty least once more.

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