first blush

So a while back, May to be exact, I was published in Joie magazine! Here's me...

Let me tell you about this shoot. The theme of the issue was "In Bloom" and I had this mood board put together with photos of girls in fields of flowers, lush forests, and there was colour everywhere. Guess what happened on the 17th of April, the Sunday before the shoot? It snowed. Not only did it snow, it snowed, rained and hailed. Needless to say, nothing was in bloom on the day of the shoot and it was cold and windy. Regardless, I decided to try to shoot outside anyway and things were not going the way there were supposed to. The girls were freezing, the creative team was freezing, and it looked like it was going to rain any second. So we had to switch gears and headed back to the apartment, touched up hair and makeup and went in a completely different direction. On the fly.

Here are a few that didn't make it in:


Anonymous said...

Nice! being flexible matters in photography! Good work can't wait to see more.


Umar Jamil said...

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