small girl, big city

I'm in New York! I've been here for only two days, but I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I haven't really done much other than familiarize myself with the city. I have to say, this is the only place I can navigate without whipping out google maps every so often. That being said, I got tragically lost on my way home yesterday when I was trying to transit home in the suburbs. It took me three hours. I wish I was joking.

All I've really done is walk around touristy places. Yesterday, I was at Bryant Park, 5th Avenue (Saks, Henri Bendel, etc), Rockefeller centre, and Time's Square. Some time in the middle of the day, it started pouring. Thirty seconds in the rain and BAM. SOAKED. Before you ask me why I didn't check the weather forecast and why I didn't bring an umbrella, I did. An umbrella doesn't protect me from sideways torrential downpour.

Today, all I did was walk around SoHo. I found this amazing little thrift store with this amazing Betsey Johnson dress for... $30. But it was a size too big. BOO. I really liked SoHo, so if I have time I will be back!


Ariana said...

It is SO WEIRD to see you walking in places I know I've been when we've been together yet we are not together there and we should be. PLEASE LIVE IN NYC ONE DAY AND PLEASE LET ME BE YOUR ROOMMATE.

Pix said...

Just yesterday - while it was pouring :)) - I was going around my town and (of course checking out all the bookstores, as is my duty/obsession/privilege/favorite passtime...), I saw those notebooks that you have on your first pic. It made me feel so giddy, knowing there's other creatures out there, who dare to go into the world and write down every single feeling and take a million pictures... The way you write, it's like I'm reading my own stuff. I know EXACTLY how you feel :D (Except maybe that I quite love getting lost in cities where there's a subway. No matter how far out you push, you can always get home just jumping on the tube.)